Our Story

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In the aftermath of the 2015 riots, a Baltimore-based solar developer, a Real Estate Executive, and an iconic NFL star found themselves on the phone together talking about how to re-inject hope and pride in their community. From their deeply rooted faith, the three shared a vision of strengthening communities from the inside and the pride that comes when one builds his future with his own hands. Over the next year, Rob Wallace, Cherie Brooks and Ray Lewis laid the foundation with two unique and impactful entities. With the vision of Cherie Brooks, they forged Power52 Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to training and employing at-risk individuals in the Clean Energy Industry.  Soon after came Power52 Energy Solutions, a
"for profit" corporations that focus on developing, financing, and constructing clean energy solutions.  Their timing is fortuitous. Efforts to modernize the nation’s aging power grid emphasizes a new distributed architecture. After a century of centralization, local power started to improve resilience, security, efficiency, and sustainability. This transformation not only creates broad business opportunities for Power52 Energy Solutions, but also a demand for advanced energy community workforce development. Underlying both efforts is the fundamental belief that our calling is to empower communities to build their own hope-filled future.

“Our mission is not about Power, it's about Empowerment”

Power52 Foundation puts our mission to work supporting at-risk youth in the communities we serve...

Power52 Energy Solutions Solar Technicians installing Phase 3 of a 10MW project

Power52 Energy Solutions Solar Technicians installing Phase 3 of a 10MW project

  • Power52 Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that provides workforce training to at-risk youth
  • Innovative Clean Energy training platform & instruction (NABCEP Entry Level Certification)
  • NCCER Accredited
  • First classroom was developed in partnership with Living Classrooms Foundation located in Baltimore, MD
  • Future training locations include Howard County (MD), District of Columbia, Tallahassee (FL), Kauai Island (Hawaii), Ivory Coast (West Africa)
  • More than 10% of the NET Profit from Power52 Energy Solutions goes supporting the goals and mission of Power52 Foundation

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