In the wake of devastating hurricanes in 2017, Puerto Rico’s outdated water infrastructure has been further compromised, and they are now facing a major water crisis. The water has elevated lead levels, bacteria, chemicals, and waste seeping into their water supply, which causes people to get sick and, in some cases, an even worse outcome.

The good news is, we see the problem and we’re here to help.


Power52 has partnered with World Water Foundation to create water distribution hubs in all (78) municipalities. Our challenge is to provide a gallon of clean drinking water per day to all 3.2 million people in Puerto Rico.

Each hub can provide up to 4,000 gallons of clean drinking water per day using WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ Mobile Max Pure (MMP), a water purification system with reverse osmosis. In addition to purifying dirty and contaminated water, the MMP desalinates seawater, and has the capability of pumping water out of flooded areas. The MMP is solar-powered, battery storage equipped, as well as having monitoring software which makes it a well-rounded, off-grid water relief solution.

Another valuable feature of the MMP, in addition to offering clean water for the residents now, is that they can serve as part of the water solution for the island's emergency response plan should another natural disaster occur.


The WorldWater Foundation, Ray Lewis, and Power52 partnership not only will be able to purify water, but also create much needed jobs for the people of Puerto Rico.

As part of the water campaign, Power52 is launching an Energy Training and Job Creation Program for residents to install and operate the water purification systems throughout the island. The program is accredited through the National Center for Construction, Education & Research (NCCER). The program is estimated to train 3,510 people (45 per municipality). For more information on Power52’s Energy Training, please click here



•     3.2M People: Provide 3.2M residents with clean drinking water.

•     3,200,000 Gallons of Water: Provide 3,200,000 gallons of water per day.

•     800 Emergency Water Purification Systems: Provide 800 emergency water purification systems to Puerto Rico

•     Disaster Relief Plan: The water purification systems can be use as part of the preventative emergency plan for water should the island experience another devastating storm. NOTE: At the time of the last storm PR did not have a plan in place to take care of the needs of their people after both Hurricanes hit the island last fall.

•     Job Creation: Create 3,510 jobs (45 per municipality)



This water campaign is the most extensive project WorldWater Foundation has ever taken on. So, we are thankful to be partnering with Ray Lewis and Power52. To provide clean drinking water for the 3.2 million people of Puerto Rico, along with job creation, is a huge undertaking and our team needs your help. Together we can DO GOOD and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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