Power52 Brings Energy Sector Job Training to Urban Communities, an interview with Executive Director, Cherie Brooks


The Renewable Energy Sector's demand for new, career-minded recruits continues to be of primary concern for employers across the United States.

In response to this need, contractors, manufacturers, vocational schools and other learning institutions have launched wide-ranging informational campaigns designed to explain the value of careers in the solar industry. 

Ray Lewis, Cherie Brooks, and Rob Wallace. The power trio energizing Power52.

And there’s one Baltimore, Md.-based organization that’s working in a special way to help grow those career opportunities for youth in urban communities, who have been more affected than others by the hard knocks of life, at a very young age. It’s called the Power52 Foundation, which is funded in part by Power52 Energy Solutions.

Power 52 Foundation exists to strengthen communities and inspire people to achieve their potential through hands-on job training in the energy sector. Power52’s long-term community development strategy is designed to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, under employment and incarceration in our Urban Communities across the nation, while simultaneously advancing communities’ resilience through a sustainable strategy.

Power52 finds locations in the city and trains its community members to construct solar farms that will provide access to clean energy, classroom instruction, on the job training, and long term employment opportunities.

Power52’s Energy Professional Training program is accredited by The National Center for Construction, Education & Research (NCCER). Each cohort is sixteen weeks with 320 hours of training which includes 225 hours of classroom instruction, OSHA 10, 75 lab hours, 20 hours of job readiness, and four weeks of on-the-job training.

Their standardized curriculum covers the basic concepts of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and their components. It also explains how PV systems are sized, designed, and installed. Power52 Energy Solutions have been instrumental in overseeing that the training curriculum is aligned to meet workforce needs and the needs of their employment partners, as well as facilitating the transition from training to employment by overseeing the four weeks of paid, supervised job training. 


Students successfully completing the required instructional and lab hours of the course and passing all module exams will sit for the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP) Entry Level Associates Exam administered by Power52. Once all requirements have been met, students will receive NCCER Credentials, Power52 Certificate, OSHA-10 Certificate, and Entry on the NABCEP Associate Credential directory. 

Power52 Foundation's Energy professional training program Graduates its first class!

July 28,2017

Power52 Foundation graduated 7 Energy professionals as part of the its first class.  The graduates completed a 16 week program  with 320 hours of training which included 225 hours of classroom instruction, OSHA 10, 75 hours of lab, and 20 hours of job readiness .  Next the cohorts join Power52 Energy Solutions to complete 4 weeks of on the job training.